BIO: Upcoming Frenchcore talent La Ravage has been introduced to the Frenchcore scene by his friend, Hyrule War and he instantly knew this was the music he wanted to produce. They started working together and have some amazing collabs like "Chinese Taxi Driver" already that have been well received by the Frenchcore Audience. In 2016 he released his first track on the legendary label "Peacock Records" named 'Neurotoxin' and from that moment on things went real fast. Now he has already played at parties like Pumpkin, BKJN vs Partyraiser and Hellbound and played at several hostings on Hardcore Radio. In 2018 his collaboration with Sprinky, "What Have I Become" became the #21 of the Masters of Hardcore Top 100 of 2018. La Ravage is known for his passion for the music, as he says himself: "Serving you Frenchcore with a Smile". La Ravage has a unique style, where he combines touches of different EDM genres into his melodious Frenchcore and Uptempo Hardcore. With the usage of synthetic loops and trap breaks he gives you beats on which you just can't stand still. His tracks are already played by artists like Dr. Peacock, Partyraiser, Lunatic, Sprinky and many more, La Ravage is definitely someone to keep your eye on.